Confusion Field is a progressive rock band from Finland. It was formed in 2017 by a long-time musician and songwriter Tomi Kankainen. Debut album "Disconnection Complete" was released in 2021. The second album "Future Impact of Past Diversions" came out in November 2023.

Confusion Field is a blend of many musical influences from the world of prog, pop and metal. Musically Confusion Field is a mix of old and new, light and heavy, with a hint of northern melancholy. Lyrical themes range from the debut album's depths of depression to the new album's escapism in its different forms




Kankainen started by playing bass in local metal bands in the late 80's. During the 90's their sound evolved in more progressive direction. Bands were born and buried, styles ranging from pop to death metal. By 2010s it was time to quit the bands and continue working solo.
In 2017 new songs started to have a certain progressive sound and before long Confusion Field was born. Kankainen wrote and performed the debut album by himself with a little help from his old band mates Petri Honkonen (drums) and Markus Jämsen (lead guitars). That worked out so well that the second album followed in the same vein